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Welcome to Crooked Row Farm in Madison Florida.  We are a small family owned and operated farm dedicated to raising and growing food of the highest quality available.  We NEVER use chemical wormers, medicated feeds, antibiotics or hormones with our animals. Likewise we never use herbicides or pesticides with our vegetables.  Our farm was started because we saw the need for better, SAFE food, for us, our children and our grandchildren, FOR YOU and YOURS.  Before we started our farm we toured several farms, meat farms and vegetable farms.  One of the vegetable farms was a “certified organic” farm a few hours south of us.  I asked the owner why they went to the trouble of getting their certification.  It is very costly and the paperwork required boggles the mind.  His answer was this:  “When people see the USDA certified seal on our banner at the farmers markets they don’t ask us questions.  Saves me a ton of time”.  A few minutes later I noticed they were filling a sprayer tank on a tractor and asked about that.  “Oh, we’re spraying BT on the sweet corn later today,  It’s approved by the board”.  Even the big commercial farmers we know raise an eyebrow over that one. So even the food we were paying top dollar for because we thought it was of better quality had not even come close to our standards.

Mass produced food today is just filler.  It has no nutrients unless they are added in processing and it has no flavor unless you marinade it in your favorite herbs and spices for hours on end.

Our food is raised and grown in small batches with as much care and attention as possible.  Our animals are rotated to new ground as needed, ration fed, not free fed, and treated humanely, given plenty of room to roam and forage, and are happy to live life here on our farm.  Give us a try, the difference will amaze you.

Beef Coming in 2018

If there is something you would like to order but don’t see it on the list please contact us with your request.  We use L and W in Madison as our processor and they can do just about anything we ask for.  A brief note on our choice of processor.  With a farm like ours your processor is a relationship and a partnership.  You have to be able to trust them.  It is IMPERATIVE that I get my animal back.  Wayne has explained and let me witness every part of the process and how the animal and its parts are tagged as it moves through their facility.  I have every confidence that I am getting my animal and only my animal back on pick up day.  The facility is clean and efficient and the customer service is excellent.

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Our Products and Prices

Hickory smoked bacon  
(traditional cure, minimal nitrates added) $12/lb

Hickory smoked bacon (old fashion salt cure) $12/lb

Jowl Bacon smoked $15/lb

Smoked sausage (no nitrates, no MSG)  $7/lb

Fresh link sausage $7/lb

Pan Sausage $7/lb

Bone in Chops $8.00 lb

Pork loin $9/lb

Boston butt / BB Steaks $7.50/lb

Ham / Ham Steaks Fresh $7.50/lb

Ham steaks Smoked $8/lb

Half hog  $5/lb hanging weight, $150 deposit

Whole Hog $5/lb hanging weight, $250 deposit

Eggs $3/doz (price increasing to $4/doz July 1st 2016)

Whole pasture raised chicken 4.50/lb

Whole Pasture raised Chicken Non GMO fed 5.50/lb

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Find Our Products

Currently our products can be purchased here on the farm at

2702 NE Rocky Springs Church Road, Madison FL 32340.

We also have a pick up site in Mayo FL.   For sizeable orders ($150 or more) we will deliver as far as Tallahassee.  

Deliveries to Valdosta GA and Live Oak FL can be arranged as well.

2702 NE Rocky Springs Church Road, Madison FL 32340.


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