When we think of sharpening something, it is usually a knife or an axe or something we consider a “cutting” tool.  But what about a garden hoe?  A shovel?  Post hole diggers?  The truth is, those are cutting tools also and the sharper they are, the easier our job using them will be.  When you buy a garden tool from the hardware store or one of the big box stores it is DULL.  It has no edge and such a tool will make life miserable for you every time you pick it up.  The same is true for an axe by the way, as well as most knives.  They just don’t come with a proper edge from the factory.  When I grab my axe to head off into the woods to clear scrubs or even fell a decent size tree, I don’t leave the yard until i can shave with that tool.  Now I’m not saying you should be able to shave with a shovel before you start digging a hole but a few minutes with a file before you begin your task will make said task so much easier.  Most garden tools can be sharpened very easily and efficiently with an inexpensive farmers file found in the tool section of any hardware store.  It will take a few minutes to put a nice sharp edge on that tool the first time but the result is worth it.  So the next time you head out to weed around your tomatoes, ask yourself,  “would I slice tomatoes with a dull knife?”  Probably not.  So why slice weeds with a dull Hoe?